The Defence Innovation Hub – About the Hub (12 November 2021)

This provides a general overview of the Defence Innovation Hub, one of Australia’s flagship Defence innovation programs.

The Defence Innovation Hub – What you need to know about the submission process (28 October 2021)

This provides information to help innovators understand the Hub’s submission and assessment process. Further guidance material for innovators can be sourced from the Resources page, including exemplars and industry information guide.

The Defence Innovation Hub Industry Information Guide Version 1 (November 2020)

This Guide will help organisations considering to submit proposals to the Defence Innovation hub.


HUB-20-AIAD-001 SN: Artificial Intelligence Applications in Defence Additional Context and FAQ (November 2020)

Additional information for Respondents considering the submission of proposals in response to the Artificial Intelligence Applications in Defence (AIAD20) Special Notice.


Defence Innovation Hub Exemplar documents

Call For Submission (CFS) Stage:


Request For Proposal (RFP) Stage:


Defence Innovation 2020

Defence Innovation 2020 webinar series was held from 23-27 November 2020 and provided Australia’s defence industry and innovation sector with the opportunity to learn how they can leverage Defence’s innovation programs, as well as explore emerging technology trends and opportunities within Defence’s new capability domains. The series consisted of six 90-minute webinars which are now available for viewing:

Webinar 1: Innovating with Defence (23 November 2020)

Webinar 2: Partnering to shape the future of Defence warfare (24 November 2020)
Webinar 3: Maritime, Land & Air Domains (25 November 2020)

Webinar 4: A state-based perspective (26 November 2020)

Webinar 5: Information, Space & Cyber Domains (27 November 2020)

Webinar 6: Defence Innovation 2020 wrap up (27 November 2020)